Company profile

Since the very beginning EAST WEST Line has been profiled as distributor of consumable materials for glass processing and packaging technologies. The word „distributor” has key meaning here in the way that we really like our customers to see us as company providing the complete logistics, financial and technical  service.

We have stepped into 2006 with slogan QUEST FROM EAST TO WEST which became the part of company logo. It has certain meaning in the way we are trying to discover the new business opportunities between east and west.
We also see the meaning of the word QUEST = QUality, Experiences, Stability and Technology as the way we want to treat our customers and business partners.

2005 and 2006 MILESTONES

Even the company is still in the age of childhood we have already gone thru the milestones we are proud on.
In September 2005 we have started the project with the company CZECH BLADES which is traditional producer of the steel blades in Czech Republic. The objective was to develop and introduce to the market the cutting blades for glass processing with focus on the production of automotive and architectural safety laminated glass. After the discussion our company became the worldwide official distributor of Czech Blades for the glass industry.

We started the cooperation with company WIJHUIS INGENIEURSBUREAU B.V.B.A. which is the supplier of the grinding materials for glass industry.



In November 2005 we have set up the partner representative office with the company Shanghai Jing Meng Trade CO., LTD in China (Shanghai). It has been considered as important step for establishing the successful business way in China.

In December 2005 we have successfully passed the certification audit ISO 9001 2000 and we are one of the “youngest” companies receiving this certificate. We have made this decision at the very early stage of the company existence and we do believe this decision was more than correct.

In July 2006 we started the cooperation with company Messersi Packaging, which is the producer of polypropylene and polyester strapping as well as the automatic and semiautomatic packing machines.


As mentioned above we really like to see our company well positioned worldwide. Based on this we have already found the business partners in Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Baltic states and China. It is just beginning and we strictly believe in “business without borders”. It is still long way to go but we will make it.

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