(2013-10-01) East West Line finished the reconstruction of the office and warehouse building
In October 2012 the company East West Line finished the reconstruction of the office and warehouse building is Zalany, close to the city Teplice. This reconstruction has been partially financed with the help of EU funds.At the moment the company is fully operating in the new facility.

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(2007-09-06) Diamond drills HATO
We set up the cooperation with company HATO which is the producer of diamond drills for glass industry.Please, find more information in our catalouge.




(2007-07-14) Service of automatic strapping machines
We currently offer the after guarranty service for all types of automatic strapping machines. The service for machines OMS is including spare parts.


(2007-05-11) Messersi Packaging srl- complete range of wrapping machines
Messersi Packaging srl is introducing the complete range of wrapping machines for PE stretch film. Together with automatic strapping machines we are able to offer complete range of automatic strapping machines for PET and PP strapping as well as wrapping machines for PE film.

Wrapping machines are using the names of planets of our Solar system. We took decision to keep the names of the machines in Italian for introduction to the market in the Czech Republic. If you see in near future the expressions GIOVE, SATURNO, MERCURIO a PLUTONE, please keep in your mind they are not the names just for planets.
Detailed information about wrapping machines is in our catalouge.


(2007-03-20) Cooperation with Italian company ITATOOLS
At the beginning of March we visited Italian company ITATOOLS who is the new manufacturer of the air and battery operated hand tools for steel, polyester and polypropylene strapping. Based on our discussion be became the representative of ITATOOLS in Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can find the details about ITATOOLS products in our catalogue.



(2007-01-19) Cooperation with CAC Leasing, member of UniCredit Group
Our company just set up the cooperation with CAC Leasing, member of UniCredit Group concerning the leasing of the automatic strapping machines Messersi.

We do believe that the partnership with biggest leasing company in the Czech Republic will bring added value to our customers who are interested in the packaging technology we offer.
Ing.Ludek Zdrubecky, General Manager


(2006-12-08) Audit ISO 9001 2000
Today we successfully passed the recertification audit ISO 9001 2000
Audit  has been held   by cetification company NQA. Based on the result we have confirmed that our company is able to offer the materials and services on very high quality level. Obviously we still have a lot of space for improvement but with every audit we are close to the ideal quality system following the needs of our customers.


(2006-12-07) Polypropylene and Polyester strapping

In 2007 we will introduce and broadly offer printed Polypropylene and Polyester strapping.
We will step to 2007 with the offer of printed Polyester and Polypropylene strapping. The possibility of three colour printing allows graphical introduction of any company logo or other artwork.You can find more information in our catalouge.

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